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Fujitsu shrinks its vein sensor to just 5mm thick

first_imgSecurity in relation to the data stored on a hard drives has become a major issue since we all started picking up mobile devices that come with a lot of storage as standard. Drive encryption and password protection are always the first lines of defense, but adding another layer of unique, hardware security is always welcome.That additional layer has already been offered for a while through the use of fingerprint scanners, but Fujitsu is pushing for another solution: a vein authentication sensor. Rather than scan a finger it looks at your palm and requires no physical contact with a device.The problem with such sensors in the past was their size and failure rate. They were too big to fit inside mobile devices, and require a completely still palm in order to get a reading. However, last year Fujitsu went a long way towards solving such issues. It produced the world’s smallest vein sensor measuring just 29 x 29 x 11mm. The hand movement issue was also solved by capturing multiple images at 20fps and picking the best one from the sample.It has been a year since that announcement, but Fujitsu hasn’t been standing still. Further work has managed to cut the thickness of the vein sensor, known as PalmSecure, from the already impressive 11mm to a mere 5mm. In so doing, this new method of authenticating a user has been opened up to the thinnest of mobile gadgets including tablets, smartphones, and Ultrabooks.At the moment the tiny sensor remains in development, but Fujitsu has high hopes for it becoming a common feature on new gadgets. I can see it being a nice edition to the devices mentioned above, but also integrated into the casing of portable hard drives and possibly even a USB stick.Read more at Fujitsu (translated), via Engadgetlast_img read more

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