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conTgo mobiles traveller security

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J In times of travel uncertainty or major disruptions conTgo’s mobile services system is a fast and efficient platform to contact travellers on a larger scale, co-founder Johnny Thorsen told e-Travel Blackboard. Designed for quick and effective delivery, the disruption management technology allows travel management companies (TMCs) to contact travellers in natural disaster, political disruption or airline strike zones with a few words and the push of a button. Mr Thorsen said the technology surpasses any other form communication because of its accessibility. Even the smallest of bandwidth can allow an SMS message to reach a mobile phone and a simple response from the tourist can notify TMCs of their wellbeing. “More or less know the technology will be much more efficient if a major disruption happens because if you have to run through a list of contactable people and run through them manually it takes time,” Mr Thorsen said. “Where as our programs allows you to reach out to everybody, it’s more efficient.” Mr Thorsen added that a message as small as ‘Are you ok?’ with the response ‘Yes’ or ‘Help’ could allow TMCs to divert their resources to the right people, “instead of guessing or trying to find out if a help message matches a wide group of people”. Recent political disruption allowed the Group to extend an alternative purpose to its technology, with two-way communication between TMCs and travellers providing information about the region that was not reaching the news. The company’s co-founder explained travellers in Egypt were sending SMS messages with information that the airport was not taking credit card but cash only, this information was then relayed onto travellers in the system as a ‘heads-up’ type of message. “It is two way communication and it’s a different way of getting the facts identified,” Mr Thorsen added. Expanding on its mobile services, conTgo is looking to launch its Travel Data Warehouse system, which allows chief financial officers save on spending by focusing on the future. While the reporting platform has been used by TMCs for some time, the company is developing intelligent reports, which, Mr Thorsen explained provide real time information to CFOs on the areas where spending can be reduced. “It has forward looking capabilities, so instead of looking at the past and how they lost those savings, look to the future and see what you can save next week or next month,” Mr Thorsen stated. “It’s very basic and very logical but its just funny that the whole industry has spent ten years looking backwards.” Mr Thorsen explained the system incorporates previous bookings and will then provide the procuring manager with information that determines future bookings based on patterns and comparisons. “It allows companies to immediately attack profit saving opportunities instead of counting tickets in the past,” he added. “Even at a very basic level it could be on how many people arriving at certain airport, if more than ten people arrive in one hour you might want to consider putting a mini bus in rather than use a range of cabs.”For more on our interview with Mr Thorsen see e-Travel Blackboard tomorrow. last_img read more

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