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Brazil: P-61 Platform Departs BrasFels Shipyard

first_imgOn Tuesday December 31, 2013 the P-61 left the BrasFels shipyard in the Angra dos Reis bay (RJ) where the unit was built and assembled.The unit will make a technical stop for diesel and water near Ilha Grande and continue on until its final location, the Papa-Terra field in the Campos Basin. The journey will take about six days after leaving the shipyard.This is the first TLWP platform (Tension Leg Wellhead Platform) to be built and operated in Brazil. The P-61 will operate together with the P-63 FPSO unit (producing, storing and offloading oil) which started oil production in Papa-Terra on November 11. Together, the units have the capacity to produce 140,000 barrels of oil per day from the 18 wells they are connected to.All the P-61 production will be transferred to the P-63 to process, store and offload extracted oil to shuttle tankers. The P-63 can also compress 1 million m3/d of natural gas and the excess gas consumed on the platforms will be injected into the reservoir.The Papa-Terra field, operated by Petrobras (62.5%) in partnership with Chevron (37.5%), is located 110 km off the Brazilian coast, in depths of water between 400 and 1,400 meters.TechnologyThe combination of oil reservoirs with an API gravity ranging between 14 and 17, and being in deep water, makes developing the Papa-Terra field one of the most complex projects ever conceived by Petrobras, requiring several innovative solutions to be incorporated, including the P-61 itself.The TLWP model resembles a semisubmersible (SS), except that it uses vertical tendons to anchor it instead of the standard mooring lines.This technology means that the platform has a lower range of motion, allowing dry Christmas trees (well control valves), deployed on the deck of TLWP, rather than on the seabed, which is the case with SSs and FPSOs. The reason for using this alternative is to make it easier to intervene in the wells by using submerged centrifugal pumps.ConstructionLike the P-63, the P-61 is one of the new units in the production projects scheduled this year in the Petrobras 2013-2017 Business and Management Plan (BMP).The deck and four modules were built in Singapore, Asia – two that drive and control the submerged centrifugal pump (SCP) of the wells, one to distribute electricity and control the platform and accommodation. They were brought to the BrasFels Shipyard, in Angra dos Reis (RJ), where BrasFels built the hull and was responsible for joining them and integrating various parts.At peak construction, the P-61 generated 2,450 direct jobs and 7,350 indirect jobs. Local content of its services reached 65%.[mappress]Petrobras, January 3, 2014last_img read more

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CARIS: MIWB Students Gain New Survey Skills

first_imgStudents from Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz surveyed Wijde Blik Lake to gain valuable surveying experience. Findings from the survey included dredging marks from peat and sand extraction, as well as some unidentified objects.For the second year in a row CARIS collaborated with industry manufacturers to provide third year students from Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz (MIWB), located on the northern island of Terschelling in The Netherlands, with a valuable week-long surveying experience.The purpose of the survey project was to give students from the ocean technology program at MIWB a chance to go through the entire survey process, including the mobilization of the survey vessel and producing a navigational chart.After the great success of last year’s student survey project of Spiegelplas Lake, CARIS joined forces with Stema Systems and EIVA this year to survey Wijde Blik Lake, located near Amsterdam.During the 19th century Wijde Blik Lake was dug out for peat extraction, which was used for heating houses. In the 20th century the lake was further dug out to extract sand, which was used for building houses and infrastructure, giving the lake its distinct shape.Stema Systems supplied the survey vessel for the project, which was equipped with an R2Sonic 2022, in combination with an iXBlue Octans IV and a RTK GNSS system. The ten students who participated in the survey spent much of the first day installing and calibrating the equipment.EIVA was responsible for the data collection for the project. All systems were interfaced to their NaviPac and Naviscan software packages. During the survey, EIVA engineers took the opportunity to show the students as much as possible, giving them a good understanding of the software’s capabilities.The students spent two days on the lake collecting bathymetric data. The data was then brought back to the main base and was immediately processed by the students with CARIS HIPS and SIPS. The survey findings included dredging marks, sections of sunken boats and a variety of unidentified objects. In addition to processing the data, the students further analyzed the data using BASE Editor and generated a chart using Plot Composer.The annual CARIS lake survey was deemed a great success. CARIS is already looking forward organizing next year’s lake survey with MIWB at a new location.Press Release, July 29, 2014last_img read more

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Does the new legal landscape level the playing field for legal execs?

first_img Diane Burleigh is chief executive of the Institute of Legal Executives More than 60 legal executives have been taken into partnership by their firms, ranging from large international practices to small niche high street and legal aid practices. This ability to appoint the best to the ownership and leadership of law firms has to be good news for individual and business clients. It is this concept of enabling the best to succeed and make their contribution to the law that has driven the Institute of Legal Executives’ (ILEX) long-term strategy. Our task is to secure sufficient lawyers and other qualified advisers and support staff to ensure every individual and business has access to excellent legal services. So how are we doing this? First, it is important that the standard and quality of the professional qualification has national recognition. As an awarding body we are regulated by Ofqual. To meet its exacting standards, we recently redesigned the academic qualification in consultation with law firms, members, academics and others. It has long been a source of irritation that the law constrained the opportunities that legal executives had to make a full contribution to firms and clients. The Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007, which extends eligibility for judicial appointment to legal executives, is a huge step forward, ensuring that those appointed as a judge in whatever capacity or jurisdiction truly are the best, and not merely the best of an arbitrarily limited pool of talent. Legal disciplinary practices and the development of alternative business structures will provide more opportunity for the ‘best’ to serve the public. Legal executives will only be able to play their full part in the new legal landscape if they have the right to conduct reserved legal activities. ILEX has recently submitted applications to the lord chancellor that will enable suitably qualified legal executives to have independent rights to conduct litigation or to exercise rights to conduct probate. We are aware of the importance of the non-lawyer to the delivery of legal services. We remain concerned at the number of individuals who receive little formal education or training, let alone a qualification relevant to their role in the legal office. With City & Guilds we offer vocational legal studies and legal secretaries qualifications to underpin our conviction that anyone who undertakes legal work should have relevant training or qualification and be subject to appropriate regulation. We also award bespoke qualifications for individual firms. Moreover, we have changed our membership structure to make it clear that we welcome members who are employed in the legal sector but who may not see the legal executive lawyer as their career goal. This makes it all the more urgent that we persuade the government to afford the title of ‘legal executive’ the same protection that solicitors, barristers and licensed conveyancers enjoy. They will all be subject to ILEX regulation, as are CPS associate prosecutor members who joined us last year. Nor is it in anyone’s interest for ILEX to ‘go it alone’ in these developments. The ILEX route to qualification as a solicitor is something that we and the Law Society are proud of. We need to work closely with both the Law Society and the SRA to ensure this route remains open. It is, after all, the only non-graduate route to qualification as a solicitor and, as such, contributes in a concrete way to increasing the diversity of the legal profession. The open access pathway into the law that ILEX provides was pretty well ignored in the recent Fair Access to the Professions report, and this omission reflected badly on the profession as a whole. The Law Society’s dire warnings to law students and prospective law students about the difficulties of entering the solicitors profession underlines the wisdom of ILEX developing a graduate fast-track diploma as a route to becoming a legal executive lawyer. Working together, celebrating excellence, encouraging choice, respecting difference and understanding that we do not all have to come out of the same box to do an equally good job is the sure way to achieve excellence in legal services.last_img read more

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Delivering low carbon buildings in practice

first_imgTo continue enjoying, sign up for free guest accessExisting subscriber? LOGIN Subscribe now for unlimited access Stay at the forefront of thought leadership with news and analysis from award-winning journalists. Enjoy company features, CEO interviews, architectural reviews, technical project know-how and the latest innovations.Limited access to industry news as it happensBreaking, daily and weekly e-newsletters Get your free guest access  SIGN UP TODAY Subscribe to Building today and you will benefit from:Unlimited access to all stories including expert analysis and comment from industry leadersOur league tables, cost models and economics dataOur online archive of over 10,000 articlesBuilding magazine digital editionsBuilding magazine print editionsPrinted/digital supplementsSubscribe now for unlimited access.View our subscription options and join our communitylast_img read more

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Hansom: Parks and recreation

first_imgWe are not amused I hear David Bickle’s leaving do, as he heads from architect Hawkins\Brown to his new job as design director at the V&A, was a jolly affair. Bickle is a popular character and his old colleagues decided to celebrate him in a song called Reasons to be David in which they turned affectionate anecdotes into lyrics sung to the tune of Reasons to be Cheerful. They also dug out a stash of Bickle’s rejection letters over the years, from the days before he landed his job at Hawkins\Brown. They included brush-offs from Richard Rogers and David Chipperfield. “Well, they won’t be getting any work at the V&A,” quipped Bickle.Alice in the airport loungeTo celebrate British summer pastimes, and no doubt the Davies Commission recommending it for a new runway, Heathrow Airport has decided to open a croquet lawn in Terminal 2. Designed to celebrate “the best of British” with rose bush obstacles and teapot-shaped hoops, Heathrow teamed up with traditional British drink Pimm’s and London croquet club Croquet East to create the “crazy croquet” course, which was positioned in Terminal 2 between 8 and 14 July. Word has it that construction firms on Heathrow’s frameworks have been feeling a bit under-used of late due to the government hiatus over which airport to expand – sadly building a croquet lawn is unlikely to sate their appetite for more work.Towers of LondonNicknames for high-profile new buildings are all the rage, to the point where no smart new edifice seems complete without one. And according to a YouGov poll of over 2,000 Britons on nicknames for buildings built this century, the Gherkin is by far the best known. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of those polled had heard of The Gherkin (officially, 30 St Mary Axe), making it vastly more popular than the Cheesegrater in second and the Walkie Talkie in third, with only 23% and 19% having heard of the nicknames for the Leadenhall Building and 20 Fenchurch Street. Two “Armadillos” face off for fourth and fifth place – both London’s City Hall and the Millennium Centre in Cardiff have gained their moniker for their supposed likeness to the leathery, armoured mammals.Another brick in the wallIt’s not every day that construction struts its stuff at Wembley Arena, but staff from HLM, Wates and the RICS were among those appearing before a crowd of thousands at the flagship venue last week. Perhaps fortunately, they were not to be found yelling into a microphone, but exhibiting to students about working in the industry, as part of a careers fair run by charity the Transformation Trust. The event was held ahead of the charity’s annual Rock Assembly, attended by 10,000 pupils. Hats off to the organisations for helping to attract construction’s next generation of talent – and for leaving the Mick Jagger impressions at home.Social engineeringRaising the profile of construction in schools is a preoccupation across the industry, it seems. Consultant Atkins and community organising charity Citizens UK have got in touch to share news of the launch of Pathways to Engineering, a community programme to provide engineering work experience, training and support for young people, parents and teachers from five schools in three east London boroughs. This follows a successful pilot which saw 20 young people complete internships with Atkins, with eight now in full time employment at the firm. Surely a model other firms will be interested in taking up.Off the wallThe top QSs that founded Alinea two years ago have enjoyed a remarkable first two years in business – already hitting £5.5m turnover and a 60-strong workforce. Building readers may recall this magazine interviewed them within their first few months in business, with the piece featuring a photoshoot of them on top of the art deco Adelphi building in central London. It seems they must have been quite taken with this, as a caricature of one of the images now hangs on their new office wall (left). I also hear from Alinea they are close to raising an impressive £10,000 for their chosen charity The National Autistic Society through a charity bike ride from London to Windsor – congrats.last_img read more

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Shrill reaction from Fiji

first_img Eduardo Reyes is Gazette features editor Follow Eduardo on Twitter Fiji’s interim government craves democratic legitimacy. Yet its members, and a supportive armed services, are unwilling to consider any option that carries the risk of losing power, or being held personally responsible for, actions they took to gain or hold power. There are practical reasons why what is widely perceived as a lack of legitimacy is a problem for a country’s rulers. Close to home there is the possibility of foreign-held assets of individuals being frozen, or their international travel rights being restricted – as happened in recent memory to the rulers of Zimbabwe, Libya and Syria. For the country, there is a cost to the enhanced isolation. Symbolically, in Fiji’s case, suspension from the Commonwealth. Economically, trading confidence is affected. And when it comes to dealing with natural disasters, such as Fiji’s floods earlier this year, it is more difficult to accept important outside assistance while maintaining the line that all opposition to your rule is being stoked up by interfering neighbours and former colonial masters. Meanwhile, the home forces at your disposal – police and army – cannot be deployed effectively. Use the army to full capacity, and a disgruntled police force may make a move on the leadership. In the Philippines’ 1986 ‘People’s Power’ coup, key player General Ramos (later president) led the police at the point where he moved against his boss President Ferdinand Marcos. Put simply, it may be nice to be in power, but doing it without any legitimacy – as Fiji’s ruler Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama has since a 2006 coup brought him to power – is awkward. Even styling himself as ‘interim’ prime minister, heading an ‘interim’ government, feels like an attempt to lend some legitimacy to governance arrangements that persistently failed to deliver promised elections. The importance in his government of Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and Director of Public Prosecutions, the New Zealand lawyer Christopher Pryde – both also prominent spokesmen deployed to rubbish government critics and to sound offended at implications of impropriety – feed the impression that this government is more than a little needy on this front. Hence, also, the rather shrill reaction to the Gazette’s report on the ‘rule of law’ in Fiji. Six years on from the coup, though, Bainimarama needs to do something. He does not want to return to the 1997 constitution, which contains no provisions to give members of the government immunity from prosecution. So he has set up a Constitutional Commission. The commission process has coincided with an NGO being taken to court for merely mentioning our own Law Society Charity’s critical report on Fiji’s ‘rule of law’. Key opposition figures find themselves facing various charges – ‘tax avoidance’ charges, for example. These parallel moves – where Bainimarama would get ‘immunity’ and a constitution, suppress the opposition before having an election, and then win the election – sounds a little like a governmental version of a pre-packaged insolvency, where the dictator comes out the other side clean, legit, and with nothing to pay. Footwork like that is the stuff of dreams for heavy-handed governments who crave legitimacy, job security and immunity in retirement, the world over. If this all sounds not just difficult but well nigh impossible, that’s because experience shows it pretty much is.last_img read more

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Integrity Commission’s decision ‘a significant step forward’

Sharing is caring! Tweet 28 Views   7 comments Senior Counsel, Anthony AstaphanOne member of the legal team representing the country’s Prime Minister has endorsed a decision by the Integrity Commission requesting the assistance of the police chief regarding unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.Senior counsel Anthony Astaphan described the Commission’s decision as a step in the right direction.Late Friday afternoon, the Integrity Commission issued a press release indicating that they had requested assistance from the police chief.They reason cited for that decision was because having read the transcripts and listened to the recording of a radio program aired on Q95FM on Sunday 16th December, hosted by journalist Lennox Linton, they thought it necessary to determine how this information which should be kept confidential was made public.Further, having read an article entitled ‘IPO pushes back hearings on PM matter’ published on December 14th, 2012 by Dominica News Online which revealed information concerning the business and proceedings of the Commission held that morning, signified a breach of confidentiality.“We complained bitterly about unauthorized disclosure of information particularly relating to the Prime Minister’s declaration which he had submitted to the Integrity Commission.“It is a matter of law that that information is confidential and any unauthorized disclosure constitutes a criminal offence,” Mr Astaphan noted.Hence, he welcomed information from the Commission and anticipates its outcome.“That is a significant step forward because it means that the Integrity Commission, or the majority of the vote believe that there was an unauthorized breach which requires to be investigated by the police.“…We look forward to that and we intend to cooperate fully with the investigation and we look forward to its result”.Mr Astaphan also called for the resignation of three members of the Commission; Mr. Gerard Smith, Mr. Anthony Laronde and Mr. Henry Dyer as he said they are “politically bias”. Persons in public life are required under Section 20 of the Integrity in Public Office Act, 2003, No.6 of 2003, to file declarations of their financial affairs.These declarations are to be kept secret and confidential and should not be made public except as required in court proceedings or enquiry in respect of a declaration under the Act, hence any breach of this provision is unlawful.Any person who contravenes the confidentially provision stipulated in the Act is liable on summary conviction to a fine of ten thousand dollars or one year imprisonment or to both such fine and imprisonment.Dominica Vibes News LocalNews Integrity Commission’s decision ‘a significant step forward’ by: – January 5, 2013 Share Share Share read more

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New York dairy farmers worried by proposed Canadian milk restrictions

first_imgWestern New York dairy farmers are concerned about a proposal by the Canadian government to further restrict milk imports.The 400 farmer-members who send their milk to the O-AT-KA Milk Products Cooperative in Batavia, New York, are especially worried.advertisementadvertisement There are already restrictions in place for shipping milk to Canada; O-AT-KA breaks milk down into liquid milk protein concentrate, which isn’t blocked by current restrictions.According to YNN Rochester, only five percent of milk and milk products that go through O-At-KA make their way to Canada. But there’s also the issue of a $16 million expansion at the plant and the need for new markets.”We have a number of high profile customers in Canada that we’ve been doing business with for a number of years. We’d like to continue to grow and develop that business. If those limits are put in place it will limit our ability to expand business with these customers,” said Bill Schreiber, O-AT-KA COO.Farmers are banking on finding expanded outlets for their milk. They’d hate to see the doors to the north close on them.”If we can move some of this to Canada, it would mean more profit for Western New York dairymen,” said O-At-KA member Eric Zuber. PDadvertisement—From YNN Rochester (Click here to read the full article.)last_img read more

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5 awesome things about last weekend’s Malaysian Cub Prix

first_img–Ads– The firm also has a variety of its current popular models on display such as the Y15ZR, the updated LC135 series and the YZF-R25 amongst others. Next to them was a selection of big bikes too such as the Super Tenere and the manic YZF-R1M, with the sight of both making us wish that the firm imported them officially into our market.3. This epic wheelie machine @ ModenasBesides Yamaha, there were a number of other brands present here too such as national motorcycle marque Modenas. The firm’s booth was pretty good to say the least with a display of its current models such as the new CT115S. But the booth’s was roaring – literally – with people wanting to have go on this epic wheelie machine!4. Sate your need for speed… virtuallyOur friends and series’ title sponsors, who is none other than national oil Petronas, also made its presence felt at each Cub Prix round. Besides selling a variety of food and beverages for fans, the booth also had special contests and up for grabs was a brand new motorcycle.Still, the need for speed proved insatiable for some, resulting in the presence of our very own MotoGP race simulator. Kids of all ages as well as some avid adults all took turns to see who can virtually lap the Sepang International Circuit as fast as possible. Again, like the on-track racing, there is plenty of wholesome family-friendly fun around the bazaar grounds at each Cub Prix round.4. Stunt demo by KTM Malaysia and GabitAlso present here with a booth was popular Austrian bikes brand KTM. The firm’s Malaysian arm is a recent addition to the Cub Prix bazaar grounds and last weekend’s round was its efforts in to entice fans present for the weekend. Besides offering test rides, KTM Malaysia also held a special stunt riding demo with its very own racer and stunt rider Gabit.Gabit’s show during the day’s scheduled break from racing kept testosterone and excitement levels high as he performed with his tricked out KTM 200 Duke stunt machine. From wheelies to stoppies and many other tricks, the cheers from the crowd that gathered said it all.5. Gorgeous grid girlsWell, this kind of explains itself, no? We’ll let pictures of these beauties speak for themselves. So, when it comes to the Malaysian Cub Prix racing weekend, it is not just the racing. Even the off-track festivities are a huge draw for many fans, especially in rounds outside the urbanised Klang Valley region. Read our season launch report here to see the series’ full racing calendar for 2016 and also our race report from last weekend’s racing action here.You can also check out more pictures in the extensive gallery we’ve posted below.Petronas AAM Malaysian Cub Prix Round 1 – MAEPS, Serdang Now, before you completely write off the venerable Petronas AAM Malaysian Cub Prix racing championship, here’s a couple of things you need to know about the series.Firstly, it is a legitimate championship where our future champions and heroes are bred. Its graduates include Shahrol Yuzy, Zulfahmi Khairuddin, Zaqhwan Zaidi, Azlan Shah, Zamri Baba, as well as Hafizh Syahrin. All these names were the result of the sport’s illustrious 23-year long history if we might add.Of course, there is more to it and here are five awesome things we can garner from our full day stint covering the 2016 season-opener in MAEPS, Serdang last weekend.1. Awesome racingImage Credit: TWMRThe Malaysian Cub Prix series sees riders and teams race using specially prepared underbone motorcycles across a multitude of classes in specially constructed street courses. The result of this is nail biting, intense and close racing action.The riders may be racing what appears to be merely underbone bikes, but trust us when we say that these guys are fast, and it takes a lot of skills to put your knee down in a sweeping corner on an undebone racer.What adds to this awesome racing action is the fact that it is free. Yes, entrance for fans at all rounds of the Malaysian Cub Prix is FREE, and this is the kind of excitement that is also wholesome for the entire family. Furthermore, you can also catch the races that are broadcasted Live on RTM 1, or its ‘encore’ delayed telecast on Astro Arena.2. Yamaha’s display boothLast weekend in MAEPS, Serdang, a number manufacturers were present with booths with plenty on display. Our favourite of the lot was Hong Leong Yamaha Motor’s extensive display of bikes which included the new Yamaha NMax scooter that’s arriving soon. Some of the awesome parts from the season-opening Malaysian Cub Prix race weekend in MAEPS, Serdang.last_img read more

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Former TNA Champion Bobby Roode Makes a Surprise Debut in NXT

first_imgWrestling fans all over have anticipated it…and now it has happened.Following the trend from previous TNA wrestlers, Bobby Roode has jumped shipped and has came to NXT.After being rumored to come over to WWE along with Eric Young after being released from TNA , the rumors came true. Eric Young made his debut in NXT a bit before Bobby Roode.Fans were teased on camera leading up to the debut of Roode all the way back from NXT Takeover:Dallas, where Bobby was just sitting in the crowd. NXT Takeover: The End was a tease once again just this past Wednesday when Roode walked into William Regal’s office.Can we expect Bobby Roode to be up on the main roster shortly because of the Brand Split happening? Time will only tell.Feel free to tweet me your opinions over on Twitter, @PaytonVince. Related TopicsBobby RoodeNXTTNA Payton Vince is either talking about sports or watching sports. He covers sports for Metro Networks and is also a writer for He grew up in Brooklyn Heights,Ohio for most of his life then around senior year of high school moved to Cleveland. A fan of the Cleveland Indians, Cavaliers, and a Pittsburgh Steelers, he graduated from Cuyahoga Heights High School (Class of 2014) and also graduated from the Ohio Center for Broadcasting in 2015. He bowled and played baseball in high school, and is a huge fan of independent wrestling and WWE, and can almost always find him at an independent show. Lastly, Payton is a backstage interviewer for Mega Championship Wrestling in Elyria, and is one of the three on ‘That Sports Show’ which airs daily from 2-4pm on Payton Vincelast_img read more

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